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Title International Shipping Service Agreement
Write Manager Date 2011.8.9 Write 1774
International Shipping Service Agreement

International Shipping Cost : If the insufficient amount of difference between the estimated International Shipping Cost and the actual International Shipping Cost is greater than 3,000, you are required to pay for the difference first before international shipping being processed. See more..

Cancel/Return Policy : If you choose to cancel your order for no specific reason, you may do so only if the item(s) is still under Local Transportation. However, you will be responsible for any incurred costs in connection with such cancellation. In case of "Defective Item / Wrong Item Sent", the returned item should be shipped back to the seller by Express Mail Service from Post Office, If you use a different delivery company, you will be responsible for paying any incurred Customs duties.

Purchasing Electronic Products : Please note that some electronics products sold on our website may require a voltage converter for use in your home country or may otherwise not be compatible in your home country. Therefore, please carefully check the voltage information as set forth in the product description. The buyer is solely responsible for all shipping costs incurred in connection with any returns due to incompatibility issues.

Tariff : You are fully responsible for paying any incurred customs duties and/or taxes. The shipping cost does NOT include such duties and/or taxes. For current information regarding any duties and/or taxes that may be incurred, please contact your local Department of Commerce.
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