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Write Manager Date 2013.8.19 Write 5700
1. 1320mm x 1447mm clear inside hoistway dimensions when using an accordion style solid gate.

2. 203mm minimum pit built to withstand a 2313kg. load.

3. 2590mm clear hoistway overhead for Std. cab. 2895mm clear hoistway overhead for 2438mm cab.

4. 304mm minimum return on rail side wall. If this cannot be obtained, contact office for approval.

5. If masonry construction, rail wall needs to be poured

6. Rail side blocking for wood frame hoistways must be two 2 x12"s sandwiched together, running vertically the entire length of the hoistway 304mm on center of either side of the rail wall centerline.

7. Legal machinery space with access doors.
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